Vienna speaks Russian

The staff of Lansky, Ganzger + partner are the first point of contact for all legal issues concerning international business relations. 25 languages are spoken in the law firm – fluently and to the highest professional legal level. The Russian Desk headed up by Anna Zeitlinger is staffed by 25 highly qualified individuals, who are as familiar with the Russian legal system as they are with Austrian and European law. Austria is enjoying a surge as a place for business – with highly qualified employees, an excellent infrastructure, low tax burdens on companies, security and quality of life.

Austria for Investors

Stable, secure, discrete – the Alpine republic shows itself to be an excellent, long-term company base with its mix of infrastructure, expertise and good social system. The central location in the heart of Europe as a link between East and West makes Austria the ideal launch pad for doing business with Europe and the world. Long-term political stability. Since time immemorial, Austria has formed the political and strategic economic hub between the orient and occident. Its enduring neutrality is enshrined, and, with its position at the heart of Europe, Austria provides the ideal basis for every company seeking to open up international borders to its business activities.

The political landscape is dominated on the one hand by a two main party structure, and on the other by a strongly consensus- orientated social partnership, which is ultimately reflected in the remarkable stability of the entire region. Legal certainty and time-efficient legal processes. A capable justice system, offering speedy remedies and legal protection when required, constitutes a significant factor when deciding on the base for a company. The focus here is on legal certainty, the uniform direction of case law as well as the rapid and uncomplicated implementation of legal entitlements.

The Austrian legal system is one of the most efficient in Europe, a fact confirmed by the outstanding location appraisals contained in the Global Competitiveness Reports over recent years. The independence of the administration of justice as the third branch of the state (authority of the state) alongside the Legislature and the Executive as well as the comparably short duration of proceedings are hallmarks of the Austrian legal system. This security creates the type of legal parameters that guarantee a sustainably dynamic economy.